tips & techniques

for best results when colouring in your dotidoodle

creating on dotidoodle

Remember you are creating a work of art. Not all images are ideal. You might need to try a few before you get the right one. You are not trying to create an exact replica of your photo. 

get creative

Zoom in close, rotate and crop creating a dynamic layout. Try it in greyscale and play with the brightness, contrast and exposure. Keep dotidoodling it until you’ve created your perfect work of art.

don’t bleed

We have included a blank sheet with our large dotidoodle kits to use as a surface protector. Place it under your big dotidoodle colouring sheet to protect the surface you are working on  –  just in case.

Make sure to place a piece of paper under the colour map sheet as you check off the dots as you are colouring because the markers may bleed through onto the surface below.

Our mini dotidoodles don’t require a bleed sheet underneath the actual paper they are printed on is coated underneath. But do take care with the markers at all times as they are permanent.

stay on track

Check off each dot on the map as you colour in your dotidoodle colouring sheet. Always cross reference your grid map numbers to help you stay on track.

fine or broad tip?

It is personal preference. Many dotidoodlers like to use the fine tip, outlining the dot first and then filling in the rest with the fine tip as well. Some people prefer the broad tip. They say the colour is more intense and it colours in faster. 



place keeper strips

Use these like a ruler to help keep your place.

use your oops stickers

 If you make a mistake, no problem! Using the “oops” sheets provided, place one of the white dot stickers directly over the mistake to fix it. If you are correcting a dot that is a dark colour, use two sticker dots. Each dotidoodle comes with 270 dot stickers so don’t stress about running out! If by chance you do just contact us and we’ll send you more.

finishing touches

Once you are done, use a black marker (number 120) to fill in the grid numbers on your dotidoodle colouring sheet. And voila! Your dotidoodle is now ready to frame and hang.


Many of you have been asking about framing your large dotidoodles. Here are a few links that carry a perfect 27″x27″ frame.  AmazonWalmart Canada . Walmart US


Put on your favourite music, podcast, audiobook or enjoy some peace and quiet while you relax and create your dotidoodle. Watch your personalized masterpiece come to life… and ENJOY!

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