frequently asked questions

do you ship to other destinations other than canada and mainland usa?

We currently ship to Canada with the exception of the territories, and we ship to the USA with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

We are working on arranging shipping to all other regions and countries. Keep in touch by subscribing to receive news and updates from us.

is this suitable for kids?

Micro dotidoodles are designed for kids (suggested for kids 5 and up but there might be kids younger who would be able to do it). Mini dotidoodles are recommended for both kids and adults. Every parent knows their childs’ capabilities. That being said we do not recommend our large dotidoodle for children under the age of 8, but leave it to your discretion.

are the markers washable?

These are alcohol based markers which are permanent. If you do happen to get it on clothing we recommend you wash it immediately and the mark should come out.

what if one of our markers run out?

We are confident that our software works out exactly the amount of markers you need for each project, but there is always a possibility with different conditions that a marker dries out. In this case send us a message and we will gladly mail out a new one to you. Send us a message.


what if we run out of oops sticker?

Each dotidoodle comes with 252 dot stickers so don’t stress about running out! If you do by chance go through all 252 dot stickers and need more, contact us and we will gladly send you a sheet of oops stickers in the mail.