what is dotidoodle?

Dotidoodle is a fun, funky, and super satisfying way to turn your best memories into jaw-dropping pop art pieces. Follow the number map, color each dot with its corresponding marker, and voila!

Step back and watch 3600 dots come together to bring your memories to life.

from our studio to your door

Once you’ve decided on a square image you love, leave the rest to us. We’ll pixelate it and create a simple, numbered guide for you to follow.

You’ll get a complete ready-to colour kit, including: • 27×27” blank dotidoodle sheet • a surface protector sheet • instructions + colour guide • 4 number maps       (1 for each quadrant) • all the markers you’ll need • 2 sheets of “oops” stickers, a tips sheet and 4 place keeper strips

a mindful way to end the day

Love mindfulness coloring sheets and paint by numbers, but don’t want to get stuck with one of those awkward pictures of Venice hanging on your wall? (You know those…)

Lose yourself in a state of focused relaxation, while working towards a show-stopping finished product you’ll feel proud to display. It’s a win-win.

upload your image

Choose a photo, any photo. Any size, any shape. Upload and get started

make it more amazing

Zoom it. Crop it. Rotate it. Play with contrast and tones until you love it

dotidoodle it

Get your complete, customized kit in the mail and create your masterpiece!

gift cards available

Give the gift of creativity. Let the recipient create their own masterpiece, followed by hours of mindful relaxing dotidoodling.

You buy the gift card here. Personalize your note. We send the recipient a gift card email with a unique code for them to redeem their gift.

We then deliver the package directly to them!


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