Before you begin

< Watch the demo video.

Remember you are creating a work of art.
Not all images are ideal. You might need to try a few before you get the right one.

You not trying to create an exact replica of your photo. Zoom in close, rotate and crop creating a dynamic layout. Try it in greyscale and play with the brightness, contrast and exposure. Keep dotidoodling it until you’ve created your perfect work of art.

Upload your image

Choose a photo, any photo. Any size, any shape. Upload and get started.

Make it more amazing

Zoom it. Crop it. Rotate it. Play with contrast and tones until you love it.

Dotidoodle it

Get your complete, customized kit in the mail and create your masterpiece!

A mindful way to end the day.

Love mindfulness coloring sheets and paint by numbers, but don’t want to get stuck with one of those awkward pictures of Venice hanging on your wall? (You know those…)

Lose yourself in a state of focused relaxation, while working towards a show-stopping finished product you’ll feel proud to display. It’s a win-win.

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